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Yes folks, plenty of option interest today for 15.00 GMT expiry 31 Jan

I’ve been banging on about the EURUSD expiries at 1.2500 for the last 24 hours and today I’ve alerted you to more at 1.2375, 1.2400 sand 1.2450 and that’s all combining to keep EURUSD tightly bound.

In addition we have decent USDJPY interest between 109.00-10 which has helped cap rallies so far this week, with GBPUSD interest below 1.4150 into 1.4130 lending support so far and USDCAD interest at 1.2250 helping to temper losses post-GDP data as I warned earlier.

Currently 1.2455, 108.92, 1.4166 and 1.2288 

Less than an hour to go now so keep these levels in mind. Always two-sides to an option contract. No guarantees on price action post-expiry though. Much will depend on prevailing sentiment/trend as to extent of any reaction.

Also bear in min that it’s month-end and that means a London fix of potential significance at 16.00 GMT as banks execute corp orders for book tidying purposes.

Remember these are vanilla options and in play right up until expiry even if breached unlike barrier options which cease to be once broken.

Barrier option on EURUSD at 1.2600 still in play

For more info on how to use this data, please refer to my post here.

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