Up 5.31% on the year

The small cap Russell 2000 index is making a new all time high, taking out the January 24 high at 1615.517.  It traded up to 1616.34 so far.  

The index is up 5.31%. That is higher than the S&P (up 1.95%) and the Dow (up 0.24%), but below the Nasdaq which is up 7.3% now.  

Lower regulation and the tax windfall from the lower corporate tax rate is benefiting the group. Plus, the higher dollar tends not to hurt the small caps vs the larger multi-nationals. So there is that rotation that is occurring from the portfolio managers who “shuffle the spaghetti around their investment portfolio plate”.   

For the day the Russell index is up 1.07%. The S&P is up 0.5%. The Nasdaq is up 0.74% and the Dow is up 0.28%.

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