Commitment of traders report for the week ending July 10

  • EUR long 24K vs 37K long last week
  • GBP short 40K vs 29K short last week
  • JPY short 40K vs 39K short last week
  • CHF short 40K vs 40K short last week
  • CAD short 53K vs 49K short last week
  • AUD short 41k vs 39K short last week
  • NZD short 27K vs 26K short last week
  • Last week’s data
  • CAD shorts increased by 4K and did see a midweek move lower, but the CAD did move higher yesterday and is near the closing levels from yesterday today.  So shorts built over the last few weeks are still not out of the woods.

    In other currencies:

    • The EUR long position was trimmed the most this week (-13K).  
    • Shorts in the GBP increased by 11K .  The price did move lower from Monday’s high but retraced to the 50% of the week’s range this week. The short is the largest since September 2017. See the chart below:
    • The other pairs net positions were virtually unchanged 

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    GBP shorts remain the largest spec position.

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