These posts from earlier on the labout market report for June

A response from Westpac, this in brief from a longer piece:

  • result is a very positive one
  • Putting it into context, it still caps off a slower first half of 2018 for Australian employment growth than last year’s uplift of 3.4%
  • six month annualised pace is down to 1.9% from a peak of 4.3% in August 2017
  • the last three months have been more positive

Looking ahead … a persistent degree of residual slack in the labour market. By contrast the RBA is more optimistic, expecting the unemployment rate to gradually decline.

AUD has lost movement …. sheesh. Dunno know what ya gotta do to get some volatility in this timezone. The best approach is usually to wat for UK time …. grrrr.


As noted earlier, offers above 7440, bids 7410 and under the figure. 


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