Mixed results for the week.

It is end of the day, week, month and quarter. That’s a lot of “ends”.

For the day, the major indices ended with modest changes

  • The S&P index closed down -0.02 points (basically unchanged) at 2913.98
  • The Nasdaq rose 4.38 points or +0.05% at 8046.35
  • The Dow rose 18.38 points or +0.07%

How about the week? For the week, the results were mixed:

  • The S&P fell -0.54%
  • The Nasdaq rose 0.74% and was the strongest index for the week.
  • The Dow fell -1.07% as some of the gains from last week were reversed (the Dow led the way last week).

The month the Dow led the way. The Nasdaq was lower on the month

  • The S&P rose 0.43%
  • The Nasdaq fell -0.78%
  • The Dow rose 1.90%

For the 3rd quarter, the Dow led the way again, but all three major indices closed with solid gains.

  • The S&P rose 7.2%
  • The Nasdaq rose 7.14%
  • The Dow rose 9.01%

Finally, for the YTD, the Nasdaq remains the strongest indice:

  • The S&P is up 8.99%
  • The Nasdaq is up 16.56%
  • The Dow is up 7.04%

One more quarter to go, with the important mid-term elections in the middle.  Tariffs and Brexit will also be key stories for the quarter.  The economy in the US remains strong in the face of the uncertainty and headwinds.   We will see if the trend in stocks can continue and end the year with double digit gains in the major indices once again.  


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