CFTC Commitments of Traders: JPY shorts still the largest, but trimmed marginally.

The Commitments of Traders weekly CFTC futures forex positioning data:

  • EUR short 30K vs 29K short last week.  Shorts increased by 1K
  • GBP short 47K vs 50K short last week. Shorts trimmed by 3K
  • JPY short 93K vs 101K short last week. Shorts trimmed by 8K
  • CHF short 17K vs 13K short last week. shorts increased by 4K
  • CAD short 7k vs 11k short last week. Shorts trimmed by 4K
  • AUD short 70k vs 71k short last week. Shorts trimmed by 1K
  • NZD short 33K vs 35K short last week. Shorts trimmed by 2K
  • Prior week’s report 

Some highlights:

  • The net changes were minimal.
  • The JPY shorts remain the largest position. The USDJPY moved to a new low since September 13 (higher JPY) . So there is some pain in the JPY short position.
  • AUD shorts enjoyed a new low going back to Feb in the AUDUSD, but there was a snap back rally.  

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