Remarks by a WHO spokesman

  • Many countries have pandemic plans ready
  • Some may act on them depending on their situation
  • But WHO itself does not plan a ‘big announcement’
  • Says countries have to be prepared for the virus that is ‘literally knocking at the door’


I think we already sort of understood the message given the recent events that are unfolding in Iran, South Korea and Italy to name a few. It is best to look for guidance from what each country is doing for a better sense of how serious things are.

In that regard, Singapore has just announced that it will ban visitors with recent travel history to Cheongdo and Daegu in South Korea – while warning that the ban/restriction may be for all of South Korea if the virus spreads more broadly.

As more and more countries step up these travel restrictions, the whole world will start to feel like it will grind to a standstill should the epidemic grow worse internationally. 

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