Month: April 2020

New highs for the USDJPY The USDJPY is trading to a new session high. And in the process is testing its 200 hour moving average at 107.288. The price is currently trading at 107.30. The move to the upside has now taken out the 50% retracement at 107.215 (of the move down from the April 16
Raymond Thomas Dalio is founder of the massively successful hedge fund Bridgewater Associates He has been providing preview chapters of his upcoming book “The Changing World Order.”  It begins: In order to understand why empires and their economies rise and fall and what is happening to the world order right now, you need to understand how money,
Mexico’s central bank governor says maintaining sustainable public finances is important and is respectful of federal government’s management of fiscal policy says drop in commodity prices, in particular oil, has reduced emerging economies’ room for manoeuvre when deciding debt and fiscal policy says bank will hold its usual monetary policy meeting on May 14 despite