Raymond Thomas Dalio is founder of the massively successful hedge fund Bridgewater Associates

He has been providing preview chapters of his upcoming book “The Changing World Order.”

 It begins:

  • In order to understand why empires and their economies rise and fall and what is happening to the world order right now, you need to understand how money, credit, and debt work.  Understanding how they work is critically important because that which has historically been, and still is, what people are most inclined to fight for is wealth-and the biggest single influence on how wealth rises and declines is money and credit.  
  • So, if you don’t understand how money and credit work, you can’t understand how economies work, and if you can’t understand how economies work, you can’t understand the most important influence on economic conditions, which is the biggest driver of politics and how the whole economic-political system works.

See here for global coronavirus case data

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