Technical Analysis

Falls below Thursday low at 1.11851. Close risk.

It was just a short two or so hours ago that the EURUSd was breaking higher above 1.12256 and running to the 100 hour MA (currently at 1.1255). The price stalled against that MA level (it did the same on Wednesday) and then fell back below the 1.12256 level again.  

The selling has not let up as the clock ticked toward the London fixing at 11 AM ET/1600 GMT.  That took the price below the low from yesterday at 1.1185 and a lower trend line at 1.1178. The low reached 1.11673 and has since bounced back higher.

It’s Friday. It’s the 4 PM London fixing which can lead to increased volatility and liquidity issues. Nevertheless, the holding of the 100 hour moving average just a few hours ago and the subsequent fall continues to show that the bears are more in control. Resistance at the 1.1200 to 1.1206 area now.  

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