Month: July 2020

August is a tough time for the Australian dollar A kangaroo can jump 2 meters high but it always falls back to the ground. Since mid-August, the Australian dollar is easily the best-performing major currency. It’s also one I’ve been touting for awhile. A big reason for the rally is that Australia (and China) did
The latest update on the storm Tropical storm Isaias is tracking to the south of Puerto Rico and directly towards the Dominican Republic, according to the latest NHC update. On the current forecast track, it doesn’t look like it will affect significant offshore oil production but it’s going to cause some issues in Florida. State
Via CIBC Research on Wednesday’s FOMC policy statement.  “Today’s FOMC announcement unfolded largely as expected, with policymakers commenting that economic activity and employment remain well below where they stood prior to the pandemic, despite picking up somewhat in recent months. Indeed, the outlook has become increasingly uncertain since the last meeting on account of the surge
Via Bloomberg   I came across an interesting Bloomberg piece when the Market’s Live team published a piece on the Market’s Live blog making a case for QE continuing indefinitely.  The rationale for the view is that the world’s major banks are not buying debt quickly enough leaving  ~$1 trillion of new sovereign bonds for buyers