Goldman Sachs on Wednesday’s FOMC meeting This week’s Federal Reserve decision isn’t intriguing in terms of rates but it’s important for guidance and communication, something that could spark a market reaction. Goldman Sachs says to watch the projections and dots closely for signs of how long rates will stay flat. “The main question for the
The Federal Open Market Committee announcement comes at  1800GMT on Wednesday March 20 TD preview what to expect on the dot plot (this in summary bolding mine): Public comments from several Fed officials since the January FOMC meeting strongly suggest fewer projected hikes for 2019.  We expect the median will fall from two in the
Thursday March 21 will bring the employment report (preview to come) from Australia.  Bloomberg have a piece up discussing the importance of labour market developments to the Reserve Bank of Australia and rate cut expectations. Australia’s 3-year bond yields have dropped almost 50 basis points since early December within a whisker of the RBA’s 1.5%
Strategy from Societe General Societe Generale Research  discusses GBP/USD outlook and adopts a more bullish view in light of the latest Brexit developments. “The rejection of a no-deal by the UK Parliament and the successful motion to postpone Brexit are likely reshaping the balance of risks for the pound, and in a positive way. The
Talks with Government  DUP Dodd is commenting about meeting with government We’ve had a long series of discussions with cabinet ministers had a constructive dialogue key problem is the backstop focus has always been on how Northern Ireland can leave EU with the UK a lot will depend on what government can do to provide