Forex news for Asia trading Monday 14 January 2019 Weekend: The big news to open the week came from China’s trade figures for December released today. The trade surplus expanded and beat the median estimate for the month but no one looks at the headline, attention immediately turn to export performance, which fel sharply for
A quick look at some of the highlights Monday January 14 Japan markets closed China aggregate yuan financing, new yuan loans, trade surplus and money supply Euro zone industrial production Tuesday January 15 Japan machine tool orders Euro zone trade surplus EBC president Mario Draghi delivers annual report to European Parliament  Canadian new motor vehicle
How did the narrative shift so quickly? A year ago every economist on TV was talking about how we were on the precipice of global synchronized growth. Now all everyone wants to talk about is a recession. Maybe that’s yet-another instance of economists being wrong or maybe it’s something else. Maybe the global economy has
US dollar jumps across the board Rumors of the dollar’s demise were greatly exaggerated. The US dollar has jumped to session highs across the board. CPI was a fraction higher than some estimates but not nearly enough to justify this kind of move. USD/CAD was an early mover and is now 80 pips off the