Harker speaks to reporters after speech: Would like to see inflation overshoot Coming Up! Title text for next article Speaks to reporters market volatility hasn’t changed economic outlook I don’t see large risk of falling behind the curve now market volatility unlikely to hit consumer spending, capital expenditures
More Feds Harker: Inflation still an open question Coming Up! Title text for next article Answering questions Some inflation is dependent on the USD Inflation dynammics are not clear right now; still in wait and see mode We might see inflation firming, we might not Glad to see
BOE governor Carney now into his Q&A at the press conference 8 Feb Carney keen to qualify that rates may rise earlier and to a somewhat greater extent but not more rapidly rates will not move higher at previous high pace rates not going back to pre-crisis levels BOE won’t tie its hands to specific path
The Bank of England releases its quarterly inflation report – 8 February 2018 2.16% in two year’s time 2.11% in three year’s time The BOE says that they are returning to targeting inflation at the two-year horizon. The readings above for two year’s and three year’s time are for Q1 respectively. More details: Lifts 2018
Decision as expected.   Comments from the RBNZ policy will remain accommodative for considerable period maintains forecast for rates to rise in second-quarter 2019 numerous uncertainties remain, policy may need to adjust assumes trade weighted FX rate will ease sees inflation reaching 2% in 3rd quarter 2020 versus 2nd quarter 2018 says FX rate has firmed
Investor Carl Icahn speaks on CNBC: US market has great fundamentals Coming Up! Title text for next article Activist investor rambling on CNBC He says: Market is showing signs of further rumbling market has way too many derivatives triple leveraged ETFs are crazy; no difference from 1929 too