US dollar marches to better levels The first signs of earnings have been solid with Blackrock reporting that profit climbed 27% in Q1. That could be a good sign for financials, which begin reporting tomorrow. The company said the beat on earnings was “driven in part by [a] lower tax rate.” The trade war rhetoric
ECB Minutes from last policy meeting now out 12 April caution voiced over EUR moves past EUR appreciation has not had significant impact on demand broadly agreed not enough evidence that inflation is sustained despite the global upturn, underlying price pressures had remained subdued. Annual consumer price inflation in the OECD countries had ticked down
Forex news for NY trading on April 11, 2018 Intro Paragraph Text Here. In other markets today the snapshot near the end of the day is showing: Spot gold is trading up $12.83 at $1352.28. It was up as much as $25 but backed off into the close.   WTI crude oil closed sharply higher on
  Japanese candlesticks represent the best type of a chart. It surpasses the line chart significantly and is just more visually pleasurable than the bar chart. Knowing that technical indicators have plenty of drawbacks (they lag, they redraw, they are too ambiguous) understanding price action itself is a must. Japanese candlesticks in this sense can
A quickie on RBC’s latest ‘Central Bank Watch’ on the Bank of Canada and Reserve Bank of Australia    This may be of interest to AUD and CAD traders; good summaries of where we are at, where to next, and when On the Bank of Canada: With a disappointing start to the year, Canada’s Q1
Rally virtually evaporated yesterday The good news yesterday was that the S&P 500 finished higher. The bad news is that it only finished 8.69 points higher after being up 49 points at the highs. Most of the gain evaporated in the final hour of trading and the index closed fractionally above the intraday lows. Some of