Central Banks

Deputy Gov. speaks in Ottawa solid demand growth is spawning business investment BOC is closely monitoring expansion and economic capacity trade liberalization helpful for boosting potential firm entry, better labor market conditions Canada expansion repairing damage to potential output uncertainty about US trade policy currently weighs on business investment, export growth Canada’s recent deals on
Press conference … Here is the link to the press conference Highlights from the press conference. We can keep the OCRat the current level for a considerable period of time The risks are balanced The decison was unanimous The direction is equally balanced up or down and remain at 1.7%% for some considerable time economic
Argentina’s central bank raises rates by 675 basis points The central bank in Argentina is in full-on panic mode as they try to stem a run on the currency and runaway inflation. They hiked 300 basis points last Friday, another 300 basis points yesterday and now 675 basis points to an even 40.00%. That’s a
Further comments by BOJ governor Kuroda That is if momentum towards 2% inflation target weakens Will continue with powerful monetary easing persistently Mentioning timeframe could lead to misunderstanding related to policy Inflation likely to hit 2% around fiscal year 2019 Outlook entails some certain uncertainties in general Didn’t erase timeframe due to worries about having