Central Banks

Preview of the Bank of Canada interest rate decision on April 18, 2018 The Bank of Canada is suddenly a bellwether. Central banks are having a moment of doubt. This was supposed to be the year of global synchronized growth and steadily tightening policy everywhere. So far, the returns have been disappointing. Economic data almost
ECB Minutes from last policy meeting now out 12 April caution voiced over EUR moves past EUR appreciation has not had significant impact on demand broadly agreed not enough evidence that inflation is sustained despite the global upturn, underlying price pressures had remained subdued. Annual consumer price inflation in the OECD countries had ticked down
A quickie on RBC’s latest ‘Central Bank Watch’ on the Bank of Canada and Reserve Bank of Australia    This may be of interest to AUD and CAD traders; good summaries of where we are at, where to next, and when On the Bank of Canada: With a disappointing start to the year, Canada’s Q1
US Fed’s Kaplan speaking to reporters in Beijing 10 April optimistic and hopeful  it’s clearly in the interests of both countries to have constructive trading relationship Kaplan understandably drawn into trade matters while on Chinese soil but remains equally, understandably, diplomatic. Elsewhere Reuters now carrying the story, citing Bloomberg’s unnamed source, that US-China trade talks
The wage puzzle continues The direct effect from the currently-proposed tariffs is small Sustainable trend growth in the US at the moment is 1.75% Says he’s pleased labor force participation has stopped falling US economy and labor market are very tight right now Getting inflation expectations to 2% is ‘biggest issue’ The takeaway here is