The question reveals whether or not you have an edge The best thing you can read right now is a report from Bluemountain Investment Research titled: Who is on the other side? They sumarize it like this: If you buy or sell a security and expect an excess return, you should have a good answer
Understand the mood of the market Emotions are the key to understanding financial markets. However, it’s tough to make rational decisions based on them. Even if you think you read your emotions or other peoples emotions, you may get lost in trying to comprehend the feelings of the crowd. And the market sentiment is the
The know hows on dealing with slower trading periods Lulls in trading can present just as much challenges as periods of great movement and volatility. During quieter intervals however, ranges can be smaller due to the reduced volatility with many institutional traders away from their desks – what is the overall impact of this on
Instaforex: Any trade, whether experienced or a novice, hopes for good luck Any trader, whether an experienced guru or a novice, hopes for good luck. A trader is a profession that involves continuous movement, opening and closing of positions. Do you know that sharks must move throughout their lifetime in order to ensure the blood
A look at the common mistakes that most traders tend to encounter Everyone makes mistakes, that’s why they put erasers on pencils. That being said, the potential to make mistakes in your trading is manifold, and it’s important to familiarize oneself with the most common different issues faced by individuals. There is a fallacy of
A couple of pointers on the basics of technical analysis Trading requires a wide range of skills, which sometimes can range from simple techniques to complex patterns. Being able to identify both support and resistance prices trends more towards the former, though this is no less important for any respective trading strategy. At first glance,
A quick look at some of the highlights Monday January 14 Japan markets closed China aggregate yuan financing, new yuan loans, trade surplus and money supply Euro zone industrial production Tuesday January 15 Japan machine tool orders Euro zone trade surplus EBC president Mario Draghi delivers annual report to European Parliament  Canadian new motor vehicle
A look at the different factors influencing the number of trades one makes ForexLive Well, how often should I expect to trade? One question that many beginner traders ask is, ‘How many trades should I take each month?’ It is obvious why it is asked as traders are trying to calculate what their potential gains
In this article, we decided to gather lifehacks related to trading on Forex news releases. First of all, we strongly advise everyone to check the economic calendar on a regular basis. The further strategy may differ according to your preferences. Some people like venturing into trading currencies, which have important events on the agenda, others
How long should you hold your trades? It often happens that the abundance of timeframes makes traders perplexed. On the one hand, it’s possible to lose a great deal of time while checking all the timeframes. Moreover, technical analysis of different timeframes may provide confusing signals. On the other hand, a lazy trader who uses
Japan’s ‘top financial diplomat’ Masatsugu Asakawa from the country’s Ministry of Finance  Global imbalances will be discussed as priority at next year’s G20 meeting Addressing global imbalances fits extremly well with core mandate of G20 We should recognise there is large room for cooperation between countries with current account surplus, deficit to address global imbalances Gone
Deciding how to manage your entries Trading successfully can be quite a challenge. Interpreting sentiment, understanding the fundamental outlook for a currency, pairing it suitably with another currency, and then managing your risk are all hard enough. However, once you have done all that a key question still remains: when and where should you enter
When everyone is looking at something, it changes In quantum physics, the observer effect is the theory that simply  observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes that phenomenon. Economics has something similar, called Goodhart’s law. It’s named after British economist Charles Goodhart who observed that when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a
Barclays Research discusses its USD outlook in 2019 “We expect the USD to sustain its high-level – ie. overvalued – range trade against other G10 FX while continuing to grind higher versus more challenged EM currencies. As in recent months, we expect the USD’s modulation against other G10 to reflect the ongoing tension between high