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Weekly Commitments of Traders data for the week ending September 8, 2020: EUR long 198K vs 197K long last week. Longs increased by 1K GBP long 13K vs 6k long last week. Longs increased by 7K JPY long 22K vs 30K long last week. Longs decreased by 8K  CHF long 12K vs 12K long last
August is a tough time for the Australian dollar A kangaroo can jump 2 meters high but it always falls back to the ground. Since mid-August, the Australian dollar is easily the best-performing major currency. It’s also one I’ve been touting for awhile. A big reason for the rally is that Australia (and China) did
A snippet of commentary from Credit Suisse on the Australian dollar CS nominate as resistance 0.6957/77 0.7005 … through here “would see a renewed test of 0.7032/41 and 0.7063” break above here would see a large base established and add weight to the view of a broader change in trend to the upside, with resistance
A look at the seasonal patterns for May 2020: Welcome to May. Coronavirus is dominating everything as central banks and governments try to counter the massive demand shock with unprecedented amounts of spending. In April, somehow the seasonal patterns were a total success. The scoreboard is wiped clean again in the new month and I
Forex futures positioning data for the week ending April 14, 2020: EUR long 87K vs 80K long last week. Longs increased by 7k GBP long 3K vs 4K long last week. Longs trimmed by 1K JPY long 22K vs 22K long last week. Unchanged CHF long 5K vs 6K long last week. Longs trimmed by 1K AUD
Seasonals aren’t a good idea this month There are times when seasonals are a valuable part of the forex toolbox. This isn’t one of those times. News on the economy and coronavirus is going to overwhelm any seasonal tendencies. That said, April is generally one of the strongest months for patterns. Here are 4 of
Alongside key near-term technical levels, it could make for yet another narrow week of trading for EUR/USD Here is what’s on the options board for the time being: Monday, 25 November 1.1000 (€311m) 1.1025-35 (€606m) 1.1055-65 (€417m) 1.1085-90 (€963m) 1.1145-55 (€1.2bn) Tuesday, 26 November Wednesday, 27 November 1.0995-00 (€1.5bn) 1.1035-40 (€864m) 1.1050 (€556m) 1.1100-10 (€733m)
What is the trend in October? October is a wishy-washy month for seasonals and it’s important to note than 2008 is falling out of the 10-year averages this year. it was a month that massively skewed some of the averages and we’re probably getting a cleaner look. That said, there are always big events that
How did the seasonal trends perform in September? Very well, especially if you look beyond the headlines. I highlighted four seasonally-driven ideas in a month that’s a tricky one for patterns. Three of them were winners and one was potentially phenomenal. Let’s break them down. 1) Late-year oil weakness It’s not quite what it appears.