Technical Analysis

Down $.07 or -0.14% The price of crude oil futures tried to get below the $50 level for the third day in a row, but fell short. Today’s low reached $50.30. The low yesterday reached $50.10. The low on Friday reached $50.15.   The price rebounded off the low and settled today at $51.56. The high
Stay below keeps the bears fully in control. The price of crude oil is now down about -7% on the day.  Wow.   Iran sanctions, Khashoggi killing payback from Saudi Arabia, longs getting squeezed are part of the story. Technically, looking at the daily chart, the price has stepped down since peaking in early October (one day
Major indices rise by over 1% on the day The European major indices are ending with solid gains, with nearly all major indices rising by greater than 1% on the day.  Provisional closes are showing: German DAX, +1.7% France’s CAC, +1.1% UK’s FTSE, +1.56% (biggest one-day gain since September 21) Spain’s Ibex, +1.2% Italy’s FTSE