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Great Fort Castles you can find out all over the world. There are beautiful Fort Castles in many countries. They were built many centuries ago. Most of them are still in a good state, but others need to be repaired and some needs rebuilding, as they are in bad condition. They form part of our
The weekend is a perfect time for a quick catch up for where the major central banks are at. The central banks are listed below with the most bearish central bank first and the most bullish central bank last. European Central Bank, 0.00%. Bearish  The ECB has undergone a change of guard as the former
Fabio Panetta is the man nominated to succeed Benoit Coeure once the latter’s term comes to an end in 31 December 2019 Calls for accommodataive monetary policy Incoming information suggests growth slowdown is more protracted than expected September policy package will provide necessary support to the economy, inflation Different views in the ECB is a
How month-end models can predict movements into the end-of-month fix Here is how SocGen explains its month-end currency rebalancing model and it’s a good basis for how all firms try to anticipate what will happen into the month-end fix. The FX Month-End Rebalancing model explained The model is based on the concept that global portfolio
Bloomberg dollar index at 7-week high The DXY is the standard dollar index but it’s weightings are flawed, which is why I prefer the Bloomberg Dollar Index and its trade-weighted nature. It highlights how the US dollar has climbed from a three-month low at the start of the month to a seven-week high in a
Fresh highs  NZD/USD is at the best levels of the day ahead of trade balance numbers to come at 2145 GMT (4:45 pm ET). The kiwi has been solid since yesterday’s strong Q3 retail sales report. Excluding inflation, sales rose 1.6%, far above the 0.5% expected. Despite the huge beat, the reaction has been tepid
Chinese state councillor Wang Yi rails against US at G20 meeting The US is destabilizing the world and smearing China, the top Chinese diplomat said Saturday in surprisingly strong language. “The United States is broadly engaged in unilateralism and protectionism, and is damaging multilateralism and the multilateral trading system. It has already become the world’s