Daily thread to exchange ideas and to share your thoughts Good day, everyone! Hope you’re all doing well as we get things going in the EUropean morning. There hasn’t been much change on the day with the dollar leading gains still, particularly against the aussie and kiwi as trading ranges remain rather modest so far.ForexLive Equities sentiment
An active week coming up in Australia for Reserve Bank of Australia communication and important data: RBA February meeting minutes at 0030GMT today Wages data on Wednesday Employment report on Thursday Friday 22 February (which will still be Thursday 21 Feb GMT time, 2230GMT) brings RBA Governor Lowe appearing before parliament, the House of Representatives’ Standing
Gold breaks out of consolidation pattern I like gold but I hate a breakout on a holiday. Gold is up $5.35 to$1327.05 today, narrowly climbing above the January 31 high of $1326.57. The rally marks a new high since April of last year. Technically, it’s a breakout from three weeks of consolidation in the $1300-$1326
The question reveals whether or not you have an edge The best thing you can read right now is a report from Bluemountain Investment Research titled: Who is on the other side? They sumarize it like this: If you buy or sell a security and expect an excess return, you should have a good answer